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Bloody killer

On Feb 24, 2022 Russian President Vladimir Putin started a full- escalation of the independent European country Ukraine, invaded the land and attacked cities. This day became a nigtmare for Ukraine and the whole world. Thousands of Ukrainians are fiercely protecting their land, freedom and values.

Let the world see what is truly happening to Ukrainian lands due to Putin’s “special military operation”!

Support Ukraine - Save Lives

There are a few ways to help Ukraine and save lives of innocent people:

Buy NFT - Fund Lives

Ukrainan blockchain company has created a historical and valuable NFT-collection #StandWithUkraine. Profits from every NFT in this collection will be directed to support the Ukrainian Army and people in their fight against Russian invasion

Donate to Ukainian Army

The National Bank of Ukraine has opened a special account for doncations to support the Army of Ukraine with ammo and provision. Below you can find requisites to donate in different curreccies.

Help with Humanitarian Aid

Ukrainian delivery company Nova Poshta offers its stores in EU to transport the humanitarian aid to Ukraine. You can send it there or transfer money to support and cover transport expenses.

4IRE is a Swedish-Ukrainian software development provider with 10+ years of experience and numerous cases in Blockchain, Fintech, and Banking. We deliver projects for business, but today we deliver hope and help to the heroic defenders of Ukraine and people who suffered from Russian bloody and inhuman actions. Our mission is to provide support to our nation and fund the “shield and sword” of all EU countries.

Watch World Leaders Official Statements:

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